This information may be updated at any given time.

During Phase 4 (July 29 – Aug 4) of the KleverChain rollout (, external validators will be invited to start up their validator nodes to be included in the list for Klever delegators to stake with. There are a lot of factors to consider as a validator and I for one, have been paying close attention to the market, the Klever community (Twitter, Discord, Telegram), and additional news put out by the Klever team. I want to detail below and be as transparent as I can with what you can expect from The Klevernator node when KLV node delegation is made available to all users.

Min Total Delegation: 10M KLV

  • Nodes with 10M+ in delegation (Self-Stake + Community Delegation) will be eligible to be an elected Masternode and produce blocks. We will strive to constantly stay above 10M in total KLV delegation. If we fall under that 10M KLV threshold, our node will no longer be “Eligibleā€ to be elected until we are back over that minimum.

Max Node Delegation: 21M KLV

  • The max node delegation is set by each node operator and will vary. The Klevernator will set a starting Max Delegation of 21M KLV that the node will accept. This of course, can change as needed. As the minimum to be elected is 10M KLV, this allows some room for those who want to rotate to different nodes while staying above the minimum threshold. There are MANY fantastic validators that will be running on mainnet. Feel free to split your delegations among multiple nodes if you so choose.
    **Please note: It does not matter if we, as operators have 10M KLV or 100M+ KLV delegated to a node, the chance of being elected is the same and the block rewards (15 KLV) are the same.

Commission: 7%

  • The commission is the percentage (%) that the operator will be rewarded from the block+fee rewards the node has received during the time it was elected. I have decided to set The Klevernator node commission to 7%. That means that 93% of ALL rewards will be going back to the delegators proportionate to their staked amount. The 7% will go towards operating costs (server and maintenance) and for the valuable time that I have put in to ensure a smooth running and long-lasting validator node. The commission is adjustable so please do not think that it is permanent. You may see nodes with a commission of 0% – X% depending on what they deem fit for their nodes.

I hope the above information was helpful in what to expect. Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@jpvegas21) if you have any questions. I am always open for discussions.

– JP