Welcome to The Kube Room! My name is JP and I am the sole owner and operator of the KUBE stake pool and have been a long time Cardano supporter since early 2018. The KUBE stake pool was originally named KAKE1, which was started up on the Cardano Incentivized Testnet in 2020 and registered on mainnet in Epoch 211. KAKE1 minted a total of 449 blocks before retiring in Epoch 338. As I still have a very strong passion for Cardano and it’s vision for crypto, I have brought the pool back and reregistered it using the same pool keys, but with the new name KUBE in Epoch 443. I’d like to invite you to stake with us as we continue on supporting the Cardano blockchain and its future. 

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Why should you stake with KUBE?

  • Long time Cardano supporter and truly believes in the vision and direction Cardano has taken the crypto industry.

  • Epoch fee is currently set to the minimal the 170 ADA. This is currently the lowest allowed by the network. This is to allow us recover some fee to cover the costs of servers associated with the KUBE stake pool ( 2 Relays + 1 Core node)

  • 2% variable fee – additional fee on top of Epoch Fee.

  • Stake pool is hosted and running on dedicated servers running well above the required hardware requirements.

  • Relays and Core are located in various locations so they are not in a central location with a single point of failure.

** Fees mentioned above are the rewards the operator receives from the minted block rewards before the remaining rewards are distributed out to the delegators of the pool. Delegators DO NOT pay a fee to the stake pool operator to delegate to them. 

Ticker: KUBE (Formerly ITN Verified KAKE1)
Registered: Epoch 211
Retired: Epoch 338
Re-Registered: Epoch 443
Pool ID: pool137x32lrkprphrd0aa8x4jqz98z6lc0wawlc88hdjeps4qe408ad
Pool Hash: 8f8d157c7608c371b5fde9cd59004538b5fc3ddd77f073ddb2c86150

* * Cardano Epochs take 5 full days. Your first delegation of stake rewards show up after 15-20 days from first epoch boundary. 
Epoch 444: Delegate your ADA to KUBE
Epoch 445: Stake Snapshot taken
Epoch 446: Delegation is Active and KUBE produces blocks
Epoch 447:  Rewards Calculated for Epoch 446
Epoch 448: Rewards distributed for Epoch 446
Epoch 449: Rewards distributed for Epoch 447

Rewards and staking - Stake Delegation - Cardano Forum

Three Square Food Bank Donations

KUBE is committed to donating 10% of all operator rewards to the Three Square Food Bank located in Las Vegas, Nevada for the months that the KUBE stake pool mints blocks on the Cardano Blockchain. To make things even better, for every 10m in total active stake in the stake pool, we will increase our donation by 5% (See table). Every $1 donated = 3 Meals for those in need. Donations will be made in $USD value at the time of ADA rewards and added up at the end of each month for the donation to be made. More information about Three Square can be found at https://www.threesquare.org/.

“Established in 2007, Three Square is Southern Nevada’s only food bank and the area’s largest hunger-relief organization” 

Disclaimer: KUBE is in no way obligated or affiliated with Three Square Food Bank. 

KUBE Active Stake Donation  
< 10m ADA 10% Donation  
10m – 19m ADA  15% Donation  
20m – 29m ADA  20% Donation  
30m – 39m ADA  25% Donation  
40m – 49m ADA 30% Donation  
50m – 59m ADA  35% Donation  
60m+ ADA 40% Donation