HI! Thank you for visiting The Kube Room. My name is JP and I am currently running Kube1/Kube2 nodes on the #KleverChain Blockchain in the #Klever ecosystem and the KUBE stake pool on the Cardano Blockchain.   

     I am an IT Professional with 6 years of high level IT Support and 5 years of experience as an Oracle Applications and Database Administrator. I first learned about cryptocurrency in 2013, but was a broke college student trying to save money. If only I made a different decision, right? 🙂

     In late 2017, I decided to do something about it. Started off in LTC and eventually ventured into IOTA before moving onto XRP. I later discovered Cardano which is where all my attention went to. Spun up a Cardano stake pool on the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) in 2020 with the pool KAKE1 and continued on through mainnet with the same name. In spring of 2022 I retired my Cardano KAKE1 stake pool due to lack of delegation. Wasn’t on socials before starting this pool so that probably contributed to not being well known. After just over a year of retiring KAKE1, I stayed up to speed on what was happening in the ecosystem. I decided to get back to my roots and raise my stake pool back from the dead, only this time I changed the name to KUBE. Maybe delegation will not favor me like last time, or it will. Either way, I enjoy contributing the network. 

     I discovered Klever KLV in August 2021 and enjoyed researching and expanding my crypto portfolio. Spun up a node on the Klever testnet as they were preparing for the launch of KleverChain in July 2022. Had a lot of success and learned a lot in comparison to the way chains operate. I continued through mainnet launch and am running Kube1/Kube2 on Kleverchain. Excited for what this project is building.

     If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or on Discord. I hope that you are able to trust me as your node operator and let us enjoy this journey together. Stay Awesome!


  • JP