Welcome to The Kube Room! My name is JP and I am the sole owner and operator of the KUBE Validator on the ArtheraChain. I participated in the 2nd round of the Testnet Phase getting to personally understand the ArtheraChain, Validator setup process, and explored a little of the ins/outs of the Testnet with what was available. You may be wondering why KUBE is in the inactive status on the staking page in the wallet, and that is understandable to ask why. Arthera Validators require a minimum of  100K $AA in delegation to be active and minting blocks on chain. Now, as a supporter of ArtheraChain and individual operator, I did not have the means to get into a Tier slot and get Arthera Team delegation right out the gate upon node registration. That is where you, the community, come in if you are willing. By delegating your $AA tokens to the KUBE node, you are also supporting a single operator community run node who is looking to give back in helping others out (See more below). By delegating your $AA tokens to a validator, your $AA funds remain secure in your own wallet address.  (https://docs.arthera.net/validators/intro#staking-and-delegation). 



Why should you stake with KUBE on ArtheraChain?

  • Owned and operated by an Arthera Community member.

  • Experience in running nodes on various blockchains
  • Eager to support ArtherChain and giving back to those in need – Willing to contribute a large portion of operator rewards earned to a charity. Stake with KUBE knowing you are also helping pay it forward.

Validator Name: KUBE 
Validator Address: 0xc004d395225b9fa0ebc55653fcbb0957116c92941e4294052bb81b1da148c6446f2883f451bfe5cdd01394fcae049dad812f69f0651c67d1271c61c21a5201b7809e
Registered: TBD

Three Square Food Bank Donations

KUBE is committed to donating 10% of all operator rewards to the Three Square Food Bank located in Las Vegas, Nevada for the months that the KUBE node mints blocks on the Arthera Blockchain. As ArtheraChain validators are not yet active (no outside nodes and $AA token yet), we will gauge the rewards once active on the network and make necessary adjustments. More information about Three Square can be found at https://www.threesquare.org/.

“Established in 2007, Three Square is Southern Nevada’s only food bank and the area’s largest hunger-relief organization” 

Disclaimer: KUBE is in no way obligated or affiliated with Three Square Food Bank. 

KUBE Active Stake Donation  


2024 Goal: 

2024 Actual: