The Klever Ecosystem is an ever evolving project in the cryptocurrency space. From starting out early as TronWallet on the Tron blockchain utilizing the $TWX token to rebranding to the Klever Wallet and introducing the utility $KLV token. However, Klever is not “just a wallet” anymore. The project has rapidly evolved and has become much, much more, offering the Klever Community new products and features. Let’s take a quick look at what the Klever Ecosystem consists of and what we can look forward to.


The Klever wallet was designed to make the user have a more positive experience when it comes to a crypto wallet. It was designed to be an all-in-one wallet to store all of your most trusted cryptocurrencies on the top blockchains with quick access, while maintaining a high level of security. Although not all blockchains are currently supported, Klever is making the push to constantly add more support for your favorite projects. Within the wallet you can buy crypto, access your favorite DApps, participate in staking with supported Proof of Stake tokens, and do instant swaps. There is no KYC required to use the Klever Wallet and Swap features. Like many crypto wallets, you are given a 12 word seed phrase to your wallet that you are to keep safe and to never give out. That cannot be taken lightly and therefore needs to be said again… KEEP YOUR 12 WORDS SAFE! Got it? Good! 🙂 –


Klever Swap can be found within the wallet and provides the user with 100% private swaps and is a major feature within the wallet. The Swap Engine Monitoring makes use of continuous monitoring of live prices on many of the top-tier exchanges and therefore creates a price index used by the swap. Klever swap makes use of automated bots that were built in-house to conduct the swap itself when initiated by the user “by searching the top exchanges continuously for the best exchange rate and prices. The swap is then executed with high precision, security, and speed.” –


The Klever Hardware Wallet is making a name for itself and once launched will become one the leading crypto hardware wallets, in my honest opinion. This may take some time as people become more attracted to the Klever Ecosystem and its products. The Klever Hardware wallet brings security to the front and center. The hardware wallet will ONLY be accessible through a user-friendly and secure method which will be accessed through the approved Klever app to make a trusted private connection. The hardware wallet makes use of Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity if the user prefers. The other option is to use a USB Type-C connection which also allows transactions to be completed with a push of a button. –


The Klever Exchange, or better known as KleverEx, launched in Q2 of 2021. Since then it has grown rapidly adding support pairs for multiple cryptocurrency tokens and remains as a very user friendly exchange. KleverEx was designed to provide, even newcomers, a sense of security knowing how easy navigating and interacting with the exchange should be.


Klever’s Layer 1 Blockchain, better known as KleverChain, is about to bust the doors off the market and show the crypto space what they are all about. Set to launch on June 30, 2022, KleverChain will migrate off of the Tron Blockchain and become it’s own Blockchain. Along with this migration, Klever’s utility token $KLV and the governance token $KFI will no longer be living in the Tron world. KleverChain opens doors to projects that we did not know we even needed. What exactly those are have yet to be determined. However, the Klever SDK will also soon be launching which will allow developers from all over the world to begin developing DApps to be presented to the community to also vote on. That is where $KFI comes into play. $KFI holders will be responsible for voting on proposals submitted to the network. These proposals can range anywhere from protocol changes to the network to new projects coming to the platform. This will be a very important role as the Klever Ecosystem continues to grow and mature as we all know it can. –

Klever Validators

Now, the KleverChain cannot run itself. Members within the Klever team and many groups/individuals within the Klever Community may run a Klever Node to help build a strong network to allow the KleverChain to run smooth and at a reasonable speed. At any given time, there will always be 21 Validators minting and signing blocks within the network. In order to run a validator node and to become an elected node as one of the 21, a node must reach a pre-determined self-stake requirement and an overall required delegated stake amount. To learn more about KleverChain Validators, please visit


Now you may wonder why you should use any of these Klever products and services they offer compared to what is available today. Now, I am not a Financial Advisor and cannot tell anyone what to do and what not do, but I do strongly encourage everyone to “DYOR” when it comes to crypto and invite you to take a close look at Klever and see what they have planned in their roadmap. Klever is building an ecosystem that brings all those products mentioned above into a solid foundation to build a future with. Now, not everything was covered in this review (NFT’s, Klever Digital Assets, etc.), but if you take a step back to see all these products and how they compliment each other I think you will become a Klever Believer in no time. Can you see it yet?